Caring for the Mothers: GU RTL Service Projects

One Saturday morning during each month of the school year, Georgetown Right to Life makes a tangible effort to help mothers who have chosen to have their child despite economic difficulties. Five to ten students pile into a CSJ van and drive off to Safeways and other local convenient stores in the DC area. One representative of the group asks the manager at each store if these students may stand outside the store’s entrance and ask customers to donate diapers for the Northwest Pregnancy Center. Some supervisors shrug their shoulders and comply, others say no, and a select few are very enthusiastic to have us each month.

At first glance, this RTL service project may seem impractical. A bunch of college students getting up early on a Saturday morning soliciting hurried shoppers for baby products? With the exception of a few spiteful customers, however, the customer reaction to this diaper mission is overwhelmingly positive. Last week, nine students and I ventured around DC to find stores who will host our group. Once finding two Safeways in Friendship Heights and Macarthur Boulevard, we posted up by the entrances of the two stores, handing out flyers to each customer walking in and giving them a 10 second pitch for mothers in need. The two stores will be happy to report their boost in profit, after we collected a total of almost 4,000 diapers for mothers in need in about two hours work.

All diapers and baby products are delivered to the Northwest Center, which was founded in 1981 by alumni and students of Georgetown with the goal of offering loving support and comprehensive aid to all pregnant women. The small effort GU Right to Life made last weekend opens up a window to the tremendous support around DC for mothers who seek to have adequate care for themselves and their children. A simple act of kindness from Safeway customers reminds pregnant women everywhere that they are never alone. On diaper drives like the one last weekend, we witness in Safeway patrons a very tangible willingness to help welcome and nurture very vulnerable life. This sense of welcome and support to all life is exactly what drives the Right to Life group in continuing to contribute in small ways (and big ways, see to the pro-life cause.


For more information about the Center, you can visit


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