Pro-Life Feminism: A Real Choice

“When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we wish.”

~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton

     Every day, you hear about a woman who was abducted, raped, maimed, or killed for publicly speaking about inequality, having a job, trying to receive an education, or simply because she was a woman.

Just as common are the more subtle threats to woman: critiques of a politician’s appearance rather than her stance on an issue, or the latest “female” magazine that only mentions how to “keep your boyfriend interested” or look 10 years younger. Has a woman’s purpose been limited to this?

Where are all of the feminists?

     And then comes the abortion debate. The typical assumption is that a woman can’t possibly be pro-life and a true feminist. The sad result is that often a pro-life woman’s opinions are disregarded…by so-called feminists! However, what feminism — and our world — needs is an honest discussion about what leads a woman to get an abortion, and if this woman felt like she had a choice in the matter. Or are women having abortions they really did not want to have.

I hope this series will be an avenue for honest discussion on the challenges pregnant women face and an opportunity for reviving a feminism that challenges individuals and communities so that women and all life can thrive.

-Caroline Musslewhite, COL ’16

media co-chair for GU Right to Life


Like what you read or have ideas for topics? Email or come to our Pregnancy Resources Forum to voice your opinion on what the university community could do better to support pregnant students: mothers and fathers.

this is the prologue to a series called Pro-Life Feminism — new posts will be up every other week on Feminist Fridays! 


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