Support Women — Improve Pregnancy Resources


More often than not, discussions about pregnancy at Georgetown have to do with the supposed “tension” between the university’s Jesuit identity and its free speech policy. While these conversations provide an interesting and enlightening dialogue on the various opinions that people at this school hold on the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice movements, every debate — no matter how heated — seems to lead to the question, “If you found out you were pregnant now, would you keep the baby?”

Hardly ever does the dialogue go further than a “yes” or “no” answer. Instead, what seems to happen is that one person applauds or shames the other person for the response given. This post certainly is not asking anyone to make a decision right now, nor is it trying to judge anyone for her choice, whenever she makes it. What it will — briefly — discuss, however, are the resources that are available to those students on campus who do choose life.

During the Right to Life (RTL) Pregnancy Resource Forum on October 15th, Director of Health Education Services Carol Day spoke about the multitude of resources and options available to pregnant students and student parents at Georgetown. These include:

  1. Pregnancy Testing Kits that women can use inside or outside of the Health Education Services office (Poulton 101). No matter how one decides to view the results of the test, all the resources offered through Health Education Services are dispensed on a confidential basis.
  2. A Student Health Insurance Plan that covers the costs of medical care for the student’s child as well — for as long as the student decides to take classes and live on campus.
  3. Counseling Services provided by trained and certified therapists and social workers that do not impose a particular life choice for the student but act as a support system and point of guidance for her as she finds answers for herself.
  4. Housing for student moms provided by the university. This on-campus living includes housing for the summer semester, if needed.
  5. Child Care (Day Care) through the Hoya Learning Center for children of 18 months and older.
  6. Babysitting Services provided by the members of RTL for free.
  7. Baby Care Supplies such as diapers, wipes, and formula can be supported by RTL for free, as needed.

All of these resources could be expanded upon and improved, and Right to Life would like to invite all to think about whether or not student moms are supported in our community. If we really want women to have a choice and a free dialogue we need to support them if they choose life.

Emily Manbeck, COL ‘15

Media Co-Chair, GURTL


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