Cecile Richards: Extremism at Georgetown University?

Cecile Richards, the so-called “Queen of Reproductive Rights,” is an abominable human being.

Not because she is pro-choice—there are many pro-choice activists that I have a considerable amount of respect for; I trust that their intentions are pure, and that they honestly want to help women.

Richards is abominable because she claims that abortion is “not a difficult decision.” Even in the most difficult situation, it is extremely challenging for a woman to decide to get an abortion. Abortion is not a decision that should be taken lightly; it not only ends a life, but potentially has negative effects on the woman. Richards’ idea that abortion is not always a difficult decision reflects a complete lack of compassion for women and a desperate justification for one’s personal decisions.

Richards is abominable because the sale of human body parts occurred under her watch. The Planned Parenthood videos display an organization that does not care about the unborn or the woman whatsoever. The sale of human tissue is not related to a woman’s right to an abortion—this is about money. Planned Parenthood exploited women by selling the body parts of their unborn children. Cecile Richards is directly responsible for this atrocity. If she knew what was going on—shame on her for allowing this behavior. If she didn’t know the details—shame on her for her failure to oversee her company properly.

Richards is abominable because she does not value human life. She clearly does not prioritize the life of the unborn in any circumstances. But her disregard for life goes farther than that—she is not truly pro-woman. She claims to be pro-woman, but refuses to acceptably address the deleterious impact of abortion upon the mother. She claims to be pro-woman but exploits vulnerable women by selling the body parts of their unborn children—sometimes without their consent. Richards appears to be devoid of compassion; marauding about as an activist who protects women while actually exploiting women who have abortions, shaming women who don’t support abortion, and killing women who are still in the womb.

Richards’ disregard for the humanity of the unborn is extremely evident—she wants wants you to “shout your abortion” and would like “abortion on demand.” Her views on abortion place her on an extreme end of the pro-choice/pro-life spectrum. This is problematic because Richards will be speaking at Georgetown completely unopposed, and the questions that she will answer during the event will be selected by those who are friendly to her viewpoint. Because of her extreme views and lack of balance in the question policy, this event would be infinitely more valuable and informative if other voices could also be heard.

Cecile Richards is giving the Georgetown community an opportunity to rally the pro-life movement together—and to engage those who are in the middle of the debate, pro-choice under certain circumstances, but pro-life under others. We need to demonstrate that our community respects life—the life of women and the life of the unborn. We have compassion for the hurting and the broken, and we won’t stand for injustice any longer. Stand with us against Cecile Richards.

Georgetown Right to Life will be holding events from April 18-23 in honor of Life Week. Please join us to learn more about an incredibly important cause.

Amelia Irvine
Media Co-Chair
COL ’19


Monday, April 18th

7:00 pm, WGR 211

Pro-Life at the End of Life:

A talk about end of life dilemmas like euthanasia and physician assisted suicide with Kevin Donovan, M.D., M.A., Director of the Center for Clinical Bioethics and Professor of Pediatrics at Georgetown University Medical Center


Tuesday, April 19th

6:15 pm, St. William Chapel in Copley

Life-Affirming Alternatives to Planned Parenthood:

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Chair of the Select Investigative Panel on Planned Parenthood in the U.S. House of Representatives, will address the audience and take questions.

The talk will be followed by a panel consisting of pro-life healthcare experts, moderated by Dr. Jeanne Lord of Georgetown.

Panel members:

-Kathleen Eaton Bravo – Founder and CEO, Obria Medical Clinics

-Astrid Bennett Gutierrez – Executive Director of Los Angeles Pregnancy Center and spokesperson and Vice President of Hispanics for Life and Human Rights

-Marguerite Duane, MD, MHA, FAAFP of Georgetown Medical School, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Fertility Appreciation Collaborative to Teach the Science (FACTS)

*Co-sponsored by Lecture Fund


Wednesday, April 20th

7 am, Copley Lawn

Flag Day

FREE breakfast! Help us place small flags in the front lawn to raise awareness about the number of babies killed by abortions.


7:30 pm, Dahlgren Chapel

Abby Johnson: The Dignity of Human Life

Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Director, tells her story.

*Although this event is held in Dahlgren Chapel, it is not a Catholic-specific/religious event.

IMPORTANT: Around the time of the Cecile Richards event, we’ll have a presence on Regents Lawn as well, along with Students for Life. Please be there!


Thursday, April 21st

Mass for Life with Cardinal Wuerl – meet at Front Gates at 6:15 pm

*This event is not sponsored by or officially affiliated with Georgetown RTL.


Friday, April 22nd

Bake Sale at the Right to Life table from 10-4. Bake sale proceeds benefit the Northwest Pregnancy Resource Center


Saturday, April 23rd

Diaper Drive – Meet at the Front Gates at 10:15 am to join us as we travel to a local Safeway to collect donations (diapers and baby supplies) for women and children at the NW Center!



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