Pro-Life Chalk Day


     If you walk through Red Square today, you may notice our Pro-Life messages chalked across the ground. Pro-Life Chalk Day is a national event, and our theme this year is “Love Them Both”. Much too often in conversations about abortion, the life of the child is pitted against the life (or happiness, or success) of the mother. We fall into the trap of privileging one over the other. But, why can’t we support both?                            

    This year, National Pro-Life Chalk Day seeks to show that we truly can love both the mother and the child. In light of recent investigations into the abortion industry, we have seen how institutions, most egregiously Planned Parenthood, have betrayed women. While children are the most immediate victims of abortion, women suffer too . A society in which abortion is used to ostensibly “equal the playing field” between men and women ultimately damages women.  It truly is a societal failure when the abortion of  a child is preferable to the perceived costs of  a child, and such a society corners women with a deplorable choice. 

      With our chalk display of “Love them both” today, we send two main messages to the Georgetown community. First, we want to spread the message that life does begin at conception. From its first moment, the child possesses inalienable rights and dignity we must respect. Second, we are sending a message of love and mercy to women. We should strive to create a society where the option of abortion is unthinkable and where all women are able to raise their children, regardless of factors such as race or socioeconomic status. Only then will many of society’s ills be cured, and we will be freed from the specter of death from abortion.

  Help us “love them both” today and everyday by standing up for life.


Lindsay Caprio

NHS ’19


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