What does it mean to “Love Them Both”?

As mentioned in our previous blog post, Georgetown Right to Life participated last week in national pro-life chalk day.  The theme of the event was to “Love Them Both.”  In large letters, we wrote “Love Them Both” and surrounded the text with hearts and other phrases such as “love=life” and “choose life.”  Unfortunately, much of what was written was destroyed and replaced with other phrases.  What struck me in particular was the changing of “love them both” to “love women” and  of”choose life”  to “choose women.”

This action astounds me because it revealed a common sentiment in the pro-choice community: Women who destroy the life of a baby are empowered.  Whoever vandalized the chalk display changed “both” to just “women” and changed “life” to “women”, signifying the destruction of one for the preservation of the other.  This is not loving women, and this is not empowering.

Georgetown University Right to Life embodies what it means to really love women.  Two weeks ago, we hosted our 21st Annual Pregnancy Resource Forum, a conversation about the different resources provided for pregnant and parenting students on campus at Georgetown.  At this forum, we discussed how to empower women on campus so that they might feel that they have the option to be pregnant and to raise children as students at Georgetown.  Towards the end of the discussion, the facilitator of the forum and President of Feminists for Life, Serrin Foster, stated that “Abortion is a reflection of the fact that we have not met the needs of women.”

In working to end abortion, our club has taken many steps to help women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies.  We raise awareness for resources on campus, we host diaper drives to collect diapers for parents and children in need (we are actually hosting one this Saturday), and each year we help with a children’s Christmas party at the Northwest Center, a pregnancy resource organization started by a Georgetown alumnus.  We actually try to meet the real needs of women in society, and in doing so we demonstrate how to love both the mother and the child, rejecting the notion that you must destroy one to uphold the other.  If there is anyone on this campus who feels trapped in an unplanned pregnancy, Georgetown Right to Life is willing to do whatever it takes to empower her as well as her child.  We offer free babysitting for any student parents, and through our collaboration with the Northwest Center we can provide parents with free supplies for their babies.

Last spring, Helen Alvare, the founder of Women Speak for Themselves and law professor at George Mason University, came and spoke at Georgetown at an event hosted by the  Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life called “Resisting the Throw Away Culture.”  As as strong feminist, Alvare argued that a feminism that attempts to empower women by extinguishing the rights of another group cannot stand.  In fact, it insults women to suggest that they might be empowered only through the death of another group.  This ideology, and its glorification of the blatant disregard of another group’s rights, truly bothers me about last week’s vandalism.


MyLan Metzger

Vice President

College 2019


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