Pro-life Holiday Themes

As the semester winds down at Georgetown, many of us students are leaving campus and preparing to celebrate the holidays.  Whatever holidays you plan on celebrating over the next few weeks, there is a message of hope in all of them.  Advent and Christmas are  seasons of hope in the coming of a savior. Hanukkah is a season with a message of hope to the weak in the face of the strong. New Years is celebrated as a way to look towards the next year with hope and anticipation.  All are hopeful that the next year will bring with it many more blessings and joy.

Hope, likewise, is a very important part of the pro-life movement.  We view each individual life as precious from conception to natural death.  This means that we highly value the dignity of each individual person, no matter the situation in which he or she was conceived or in which he or she may find him/herself, including his or her disability,  age, or criminal record.  Understanding the value of human life rests on the concept of hope, a feeling of expectation and desire.  We expect the best out of each human life, and we do not label anyone as unworthy of life.  Caring for the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly all centers around the concept of hope for the future.

This season of hope can be very challenging for those who feel hopeless or that, for one reason or another, cannot be near family during the holidays.  As a pro-life group, it is important to remember this holiday season that all families are beautiful, whether they be adopted or single-parent or your traditional mom-dad-son-daughter-dog.  Family for many people is an important part of the holiday season, so we should be celebrating the love between family in all of its forms, and providing hope for those who may not be able to be with any this holiday season.

Finally, the holidays are a time of giving.  For each person or family enjoying a time of plenty, there are many who are in need. We ask you to consider the ways that you can give to the pro-life movement over the next few weeks.  For example, you can find a local pregnancy resource center and donate baby clothing or baby materials. Moreover, you could find a way to spread holiday joy to people, like by Christmas caroling at an assisted living home or by making cards for the incarcerated.  There are many ways to give back over the next few weeks that promote a culture of hope and life.

Happy holidays from the Georgetown Right to Life Board!

MyLan Metzger


RTL Vice President


One thought on “Pro-life Holiday Themes

  1. MyLan- Wonderful article and invitation to all who are fortunate to read it. The world would be a so much better place if we slowed our hectic pace to acknowledge those we encounter in our daily lives. Have a wonderful Christmas. Paul McCauley, MD, GUMS1970

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