No One Needs Planned Parenthood

For years, the polemic debate over defunding Planned Parenthood has been charged with the false dichotomy between either funding the organization or women losing all access to vital healthcare. Given that Planned Parenthood will likely soon be defunded, everyone needs to know that he or she will still be able to get the healthcare that he or she needs. Assuming that the loss of federal funding will force even one PP clinic to close, men and women across America will simply be redirected to other federal health centers, which not only outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics but also provide higher quality care. Per Planned Parenthood’s own annual reports, an overwhelming 98% of women in the USA will not use Planned Parenthood at all this year; thus, they are grossly overstating their importance in the healthcare market.

Georgetown students: read the following guide to see what facilities can meet your health care needs if the DC Planned Parenthood is shuttered because of its loss of federal funding.

The Planned Parenthood in DC offers the following services:

  1. Abortion Services
  2. Birth Control
  3. HIV Testing
  4. LGBT Services
  5. Men’s Health Care
  6. Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception)
  7. Pregnancy Testing & Services
  8. STD Testing, Treatment & Vaccines
  9. Women’s Healthcare


The Short Version:

All of these services, except for abortion, which is not healthcare, can be provided by federal health centers in our area and by the Student Health Center. To find nearby locations and determine which best fits your needs, use this link.

The Long Version:

1: Abortion Services

Abortion is not healthcare and cannot be considered as such. It is a violent procedure that preys on the most vulnerable in an attempt to rectify society’s failures. Taxpayers should not be forced to support this inherently cruel means of oppression.

2: Birth Control

It is essentially as easy to obtain birth control as it is to order a ride via Uber, and there are now apps that allow women to get a prescription for birth control without a visit to a doctor. Even for those without health insurance, birth control pills can be obtained for as little as $15 a month. Moreover, as many are well aware, it is not terribly difficult to find free condoms on Georgetown’s campus, either. Any claim that students here need Planned Parenthood to acquire affordable birth control is an affront to the truth.

3: HIV Testing

HIV tests are likewise fairly ubiquitous. For Georgetown students, not only does the Student Health Center provide HIV testing, but federal health centers offer free testing as well.

4: LGBT Services

The Planned Parenthood website lists education, resources, and services referral as their LGBT services. The LGBTQ Resource Center has nearly the same goals, namely “education, programming, support services, and advocacy on campus-regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.”

5: Men’s Healthcare

The services offered by Planned Parenthood for men’s health are all offered at the Student Health Center for a comparable price.

6: Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception can be purchased at a pharmacy for $30-50. Certainly this is slightly more expensive than at Planned Parenthood, but  given that emergency contraception should not be a frequent purchase, this is not an unreasonable price.

7: Pregnancy Testing and Services

Georgetown Health Education Services offers free pregnancy tests and counseling. Walk-ins are welcome at Poulton Hall, Suite 101. By “pregnancy services,” Planned Parenthood does not mean prenatal care. They are referring to abortion, and many Planned Parenthod clinics are unable to offer even basic prenatal care. In fact, Planned Parenthood performs 174 abortions for every single adoption referral they give. In contrast, Georgetown HES can provide students with an adoption referral, counseling, the information for pregnancy resource centers, and much more.

8: STD Testing, Treatment, and Vaccines

Both the Student Health Center and local federal health centers offer these services as well.

9: Women’s Health Care

All women’s healthcare provided by Planned Parenthood is also provided at local federal health centers.

The Truth:

Planned Parenthood is not the indispensable healthcare resource it claims to be. In reality, it is a corporation that uses scare tactics to deceive the American public into supporting their fraudulent and unethical business. Masquerading under the veil of women’s health, Planned Parenthood presents itself as the benevolent, however wrongly maligned, champion of the vulnerable. When half a billion dollars of federal funding is redirected toward community health centers, however, Planned Parenthood will be forced into the shadows, as women will be able secure affordable and truly comprehensive healthcare from local health centers. In the future, we may see a Planned Parenthood that drops its act entirely and chooses only to provide the “service” that is most profitable for them and most detrimental to women: abortion.


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