Celebrating Pro-Life Men

On this Father’s Day, I recognize how blessed I am to have such a wonderful and loving father who has never failed to inspire and comfort me. He is a model father: kind, patient, humble, faithful, and generous. My dad is the greatest, and he was thrilled when my mom became pregnant with me. 

Of course, not every pregnancy is met by soon-to-be fathers with joy. Some men are young and in school. They might not feel ready for fatherhood. Others have big plans and don’t have time for fatherhood. Some men do not even love their child’s mother. They don’t the emotional bandwidth for fatherhood.

Sadly, there are men who don’t actually believe that a woman gets to choose whether or not she gives birth. Some men think they get to make the choice for their girlfriends, wives, fiancés, or hookups. A man like this may pressure a woman to end a child’s life, whether she wants to or not.

Men who desperately try to avoid fatherhood fail to realize that, once a woman is pregnant with his child, he already has become a father. That baby, no matter how small, is his child, and he is the father.

This Father’s Day,  be sure to thank your father, who has made sacrifices because of how much he loves you. But don’t forget to also thank the pro-life men in your life. These men will be the ones to hold their girlfriend’s hands at her first ultrasound. These men will be the ones to hold their newborn baby and think that they’ve never seen anything so beautiful. These men will be there for the graduations and the father-daughter dances.

I’ve often been told that it looks bad when we have two or three men at the Right to Life table. While I understand that pro-choice folks abhor the idea, I think that it’s great to see so many openly pro-life men at Georgetown. Pro-life men are responsible and supportive fathers. Pro-life men are role models for others. These men help women move in and out of the maternity home at the Northwest Center. These men store diapers in their cramped dorm rooms to donate to women in need. These men put on their aprons and bake to raise money for expecting moms who need help. These men will be great fathers one day. 

When I look at my dad, I see someone who embodies God’s love. I see a role model and friend. When he found out that my mom was pregnant, he rejoiced. A pro-life young man will do the same, no matter the circumstances.

Happy Father’s Day! Without fathers, you would have never been granted the gift of life. 

Amelia Irvine

COL ’19


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