Everyone Deserves A Birthday

If you walked past the Right to Life table in Red Square this past Wednesday, you would have been in for a sweet surprise: Georgetown Right to Life baked and gave out over 100 free cupcakes.  Aside from being a very popular dessert here in Georgetown, cupcakes are symbols of birthdays, special days on which we celebrate the importance of an individual’s life.

Every person deserves to have a birthday. Unfortunately, in the United States, over 3,000 children each day lose that chance due to abortion. More shockingly, statistics from the World Health Organization show that there are as many as 40 million abortions worldwide each year – meaning there are 40 million children who never get the chance to celebrate their first birthday. 40 million children will never get the opportunity to tear the wrapping paper off their presents or blow out the candles on their birthday cake. 40 million children will never get to celebrate their lives, because they never even got the chance to live.

Although the Pro-Life Cupcake Day holiday was October 9, we celebrated on Wednesday to coincide with the Georgetown University Farmer’s Market. Our campaign was about more than attracting visitors to our table – although we always welcome people to come talk to us.  Rather, by giving out cupcakes, we hoped to remind people of three things that, like the right to a birthday, should not be up for discussion. First, the importance and dignity of human life. As expressed by the pro-life messages chalked across Red Square last week, we believe that “every life is worth living” and “life empowers women.” Second, life is a precious gift that should be celebrated. Too often, unplanned pregnancies are characterized as purely unfortunate, or even tragic. While it cannot be denied that a crisis pregnancy adds an enormous level of fear or stress to the mother’s life, it cannot be denied that the life of the child growing in her womb is beautiful. This beauty deserves to be celebrated. Finally, everyone, both in and out of the womb, deserves a birthday. No one should be able to take this right away from a person.

Love Them Both

Pro-Life Cupcake Day occurred just two days after Pro-Life Chalk Day, just two out of the many ways we are celebrating Life Month this October. Walking through Red Square last Friday, you would have seen pro-life chalk messages etched on the brick plaza. We knew some people would be upset by the designs, so we tried to focus on positive phrases such as “Peace Begins in the Womb” and “Pro-life, Pro-women” that serve as reminders that our movement is not about taking away someone’s rights, but about caring for all people, born and unborn. While all the chalk drawings were poignant, perhaps the most pertinent slogan was one etched in pink, surrounded by baby blue hearts: Love Them Both.

This phrase has always been a favorite amongst pro-lifers, but takes on a new meaning during Life Month. Contrary to popular belief, the pro-life movement is not an attack on a woman’s right to choose – far from it. Rather, our movement is about love. We show that love when we stand outside Safeway in chilling temperatures to collect diapers for women in need. We show that love when we sell baked goods to collect money for the Northwest Center. And we show that love when we host the Annual Pregnancy Resource Forum and show women that they are not alone and that they have options.

We love women and we love children. The two should never be mutually exclusive, for the fact that we want every child to have a birthday does not erase the fact that we want to empower women.

Our “Love Them Both” chalk display, along with several others, raised awareness about our organization and brought its purpose to the front of people’s minds, hopefully helping to create a more pro-life environment on campus. We strive to create a society where women will not feel pressured to get an abortion due to lack of resources or support. We strive to create a society where life is valued at all stages. Finally, we strive to create a society where it is universally recognized that every child deserves a birthday.

Jennie Wenzel

NHS ’20

RTL Off-Campus Service Chair


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