Refuting Planned Parenthood’s Latest Film

Last week television and movie director Joss Whedon released a short film, entitled UNLOCKED, in support of Planned Parenthood. The video presents three women, each facing her own battle. One is dying from cancer, another has an STD, and a third is a pregnant student having to turn down her full-ride acceptance to college. Whedon insinuates that … Continue reading Refuting Planned Parenthood’s Latest Film

Spending My Summer at a Pregnancy Resource Center

This summer, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a pro-life pregnancy center in the metropolitan Detroit area. I have been active in Georgetown Right to Life and helped organize the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life in the past, but had never been involved in pro-life advocacy on a grassroots level. Deciding to volunteer for … Continue reading Spending My Summer at a Pregnancy Resource Center