A Non-Exhaustive List of Our Events of 2016:


  • Diaper Drive for NW Center
  • Bake Sale for NW Center
  • Speaker Stephanie Gray of Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform
  •  March for Life


  • Diaper Drive for NW Center
  • Discussion with Former Abortion Doctor, Dr. Bruchalski


  • Film Screening: Dead Man Walking
  • CAB Fair for GAAP Weekend
  • RTL Apologetics Training with Michele Hendrickson of SFLA
  • Diaper Drive


  • Diaper Drive
  • Life Week:
    • Monday: End of Life Talk;
    • Tuesday: Life-Affirming Alternatives to Planned Parenthood Talk and Discussion with Marsha Blackburn and others;
    • Wednesday: Flag Day & Abby Johnson (day of Cecile Richards LF event);
    • Thursday: Mass for Life with Cardinal Wuerl;
    • Friday: Bake Sale;
    • Saturday: Diaper Drive for NW Center
  • Speaker Sister Helen Prejean on Dead Man Walking


  • 6th: Speaker Alveda King


  • 20th: Pregnancy Resource Forum


  • 5th: Diaper Drive
  • 8th: Speaker George White
  • 20th: Diaper Drive


  • 1st: Speaker David Schwiekert
  • 8th: NW Center Children’s Christmas Party


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