Pregnancy Resources at GU

If you or a friend is pregnant and not sure where to go for help, please know that there is a whole community ready to support you and the child!

Here is a list of the pregnancy resources offered at Georgetown University.

  1. Pregnancy Testing Kits that women can use inside or outside of the Health Education Services office (Poulton 101). No matter how one decides to view the results of the test, all the resources offered through Health Education Services are dispensed on a confidential basis.
  2. A Student Health Insurance Plan that covers the costs of medical care for the student and his/her child for as long as the student decides to take classes and live on campus.
  3. Counseling Services provided by trained and certified therapists and social workers that do not impose a particular life choice for the student but act as a support system and point of guidance for her as she finds answers for herself.
  4. Housing for student moms provided by the university. This on-campus living includes housing for the summer semester, if needed.
  5. Child Care (Day Care) through the Hoya Learning Center for children of 18 months and older.
  6. Babysitting Services provided by the members of RTL for free.
  7. Baby Care Supplies such as diapers, wipes, and formula can be supported by RTL for free, as needed.
  8. Lactation Rooms on campus for breastfeeding and pumping.
  9. Academic adjustments and accommodations through the Title IX office.

Please consult the Georgetown Student Health Services page for Pregnancy for any questions. If you need any additional resources or support and are not sure where to turn, Chaplains in Residence in all residence halls, Counseling & Psychiatric Services at Georgetown, and GU Right to Life are all here to help.

For information about organizations outside of Georgetown that are ready to help pregnant and parenting students, check Students for Life’s Pregnant on Campus page.

Important phone numbers are listed below (email addresses can be found through Georgetown’s student email account).

Health Education Services

  • Director of Health Education Services, Carol Day: (202) 687.8942
  • Confidential Pregnancy or Sexual Health Services Cell Phone: (202) 870.1666

Counseling & Psychiatric Services

  • Counseling & Psychiatric Services: 202-444-PAGE (after hours), 202-687-6985 (business hours)

Chaplains in Residence

  • Chaplain on-Call (24 hours a day): 202-677-0361
  • Director of Professional and Residential Ministry in the Office of Mission and Ministry at Georgetown, Michelle Siemietkowski: 202-687-4731

GU Right to Life

  • GU Right to Life:

Students at Loyola Univerity created this video in support of their pregnant peers — Its message absolutely applies to Georgetown too! We want to help you!Please let us know how we can better help you!

-GU Right to Life


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